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The Mediocre Cubs

The Chicago Cubs a team which has a proud history and sterling accomplishments in the American League and in the Major League as a whole is currently on a tailspin and is poised to have a mediocre season this year.

The Cubs is plagued with lackadaisical performance of its players in the vast majority of its games. To date, the Cubs could only show an anemic 19-36 win-loss slate and occupies the last position in the standings on its division and just half game ahead of San Diego (19-37) which has the worst win-loss record in the Major League. The Cubs also totes a win-loss card of 12-15 at home and 7-21 at road (second worse in the league).  My guess is the cubs are staying up late and playing poker at Party Poker UK instead of getting a good night’s sleep.

The debacle can be attributed to the team’s strings of losing streaks all season long. The Cubs had so far amassed 7 losing streaks: 12 consecutive losses (once, May 15 to May 27), 6 consecutive losses (once, April 14 to April 20), four consecutive losses (once, June 1 to June 4), three consecutive losses (once, April 9 to April 11) and back-to-back losses (once, April 5 to April 7). However, the longest winning streak the Cubs is three by virtue of sweeping the San Diego Padres from May 28 to May 30.

Although the team is not lacking in talented and versatile players the team clearly show lack of cohesion, teamwork and ability to nail big time victories over tough opponents on the league. Since the team is on a major build up under the auspices of Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer it is leaning forward to the future and cashing in on younger players. Unfortunately the team is in deficient of veteran players on its fold that can provide consistency, leadership and experience.

The team’s poor bullpen proves to be a chink in the armor of the Cubs as they miss winning some games because of this issue.

Most of the Cubs players are also inconsistent with their games. A testament of this is Starlin Castro who has a mixture of a good and bad performance day in day out. Castro so far piled up a team-high 11 straight hits but he is prone to making mental lapses especially in the crucial stages of the game.

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