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The Mediocre Cubs

The Chicago Cubs a team which has a proud history and sterling accomplishments in the American League and in the Major League as a whole is currently on a tailspin and is poised to have a mediocre season this year.

The Cubs is plagued with lackadaisical performance of its players in the vast majority of its games. To date, the Cubs could only show an anemic 19-36 win-loss slate and occupies the last position in the standings on its division and just half game ahead of San Diego (19-37) which has the worst win-loss record in the Major League. The Cubs also totes a win-loss card of 12-15 at home and 7-21 at road (second worse in the league).  My guess is the cubs are staying up late and playing poker at Party Poker UK instead of getting a good night’s sleep.

The debacle can be attributed to the team’s strings of losing streaks all season long. The Cubs had so far amassed 7 losing streaks: 12 consecutive losses (once, May 15 to May 27), 6 consecutive losses (once, April 14 to April 20), four consecutive losses (once, June 1 to June 4), three consecutive losses (once, April 9 to April 11) and back-to-back losses (once, April 5 to April 7). However, the longest winning streak the Cubs is three by virtue of sweeping the San Diego Padres from May 28 to May 30.

Although the team is not lacking in talented and versatile players the team clearly show lack of cohesion, teamwork and ability to nail big time victories over tough opponents on the league. Since the team is on a major build up under the auspices of Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer it is leaning forward to the future and cashing in on younger players. Unfortunately the team is in deficient of veteran players on its fold that can provide consistency, leadership and experience.

The team’s poor bullpen proves to be a chink in the armor of the Cubs as they miss winning some games because of this issue.

Most of the Cubs players are also inconsistent with their games. A testament of this is Starlin Castro who has a mixture of a good and bad performance day in day out. Castro so far piled up a team-high 11 straight hits but he is prone to making mental lapses especially in the crucial stages of the game.

Cleaning House Was Never So Much Fun

Cubs Marlins Trade BaseballChicago Cubs fans got a belated Christmas gift with the trade of Carlos Zambrano to the Miami Marlins for Chris Volstad. As far as the Cubs’ on-field fortunes are concerned, the deal means little. Both pitchers are back-end-of-the-rotation guys. After a promising rookie season in 2008 (2.88 ERA), Volstad has regressed. He had a 4.89 ERA last year in a pitcher-friendly park, although he finished strong with a 2.32 ERA in September.

Zambrano, meanwhile, when he wasn’t quitting on his team and breaking stuff was equally mediocre, albeit at a much higher salary. The Cubs’ new regime didn’t want to add cancer treatment to their other difficult tasks, so it smartly got rid of Big Z, even agreeing to pay $15 million of his $18 million salary.

I, for one, am willing to contribute to the Big Z Exile Fund to help defray that 15 mil hit. Seriously, Theo, hit me up with your PayPal address and I’ll send 5 bucks your way.

I’ll admit, I liked Carlos for a while, like, when he was good and reasonably sane. But his true colors were in full bloom last year and there was no going back. He made it clear he didn’t want to be on the North Side anymore, so he had to go.

I continue to be encouraged by the Cubs’ moves. The early maneuvers — DeJesus, Stewart, Marshall trade — were sensible and low risk. And the Z trade simply had to be done. Sometimes you have to destroy a village in order to save it, so tearing down a roster that wasn’t working and setting the stage for a realistic and sustainable rebuilding program is something that all Cubs fans should applaud, even if it will come with at least a couple more years of ugly baseball.

Crosstown Rivalry: White Sox Get to Carlos Zambrano

Zambrano1After taking two out of three games in their first series against the Cubs, the White Sox were able to rattle Carlos Zambrano’s cage enough to give him a mental breakdown and get him taken out after one inning and an altercation with Derek Lee in the dugout.

In the first inning, the White Sox were able to put four runs on the board, mostly thanks to Carlos Quentin’s three run homer that brought in Alex Rios and Paul Konerko.

Zambrano was noticably livid heading into the dugout, the episode ending in being taken into the clubhouse by Lou Piniella and Alan Trammel and being taken out of the game. Read the rest of this entry »

MLB Draft Day: Cubs Take Hayden Simpson With First Pick

101864829_crop_340x234The Chicago Cubs have a history of reaching for draft picks in the first round. They did so again this season when they took Hayden Simpson, expected to be a second to fifth round pick, with the 16th pick of the first round.

Hayden went 13-1 in 15 starts for the South Arkansas Muleriders during his junior season. He also had a 1.81 ERA and struck out 131 batters compared to just 35 walks in 99 and a third innings.

Cubs scouting director Tim Wilken compared Simpson to major league stars Tim Lincecum and Roy Oswalt, which is big praise for D-ll pitcher. Read the rest of this entry »

Sorry About the Lack of Posts

For the next month or so, posts are going to be rare, as I have classes until May 6th. After that, I will be able to write more often and will probably have a post a day, which means I will be doing a lot of work with my sports work.

I am also thinking about starting up a YouTube channel which will consist of me making a few videos a week about sports in a vlog format. I will be following a similar format to Ray William Johnson, only instead of talking about YouTube videos and making jokes, I will be talking about sports and making bad jokes.

As for my thoughts on the first few days of Cubbie baseball, we need a bullpen, badly. Really badly. Really really badly.

I have some stuff tomorrow but hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday I will have something substantial up for you.

I’m Joe W.

An In-Depth View of Milton Bradley’s ESPN Interview

Milton BradleyLet’s take a look at an alternate universe, one where nobody ever has to take accountability, then gets to do an interview on a major network without being asked about your play.

It’s a world where, if you screw up, the world is just against you. It’s not your fault. Why should you take the blame when people are trying to hold you down?

This is the world that former-Cub Milton Bradley lives in, and he has been showing it to the world the past week, with an interview with ESPN’s Colleen Dominguez.

Let’s take a look at this interview comment by comment from Milton Bradley. Read the rest of this entry »

New Year, New Blog

Athletics Cubs Spring BaseballHello all, sorry for flaking out at the end of last season, I got caught up getting set up at college, then pledged a fraternity (Delta Sigma Phi all the way) but now that Spring Training is up and going (and I am deadly poor), I am back to give you the best Chicago Cubs content available.

The goal will be to give a lot of preview articles now, and once the season gets into full swing, give you guys an article a day.

Why am I being so nice?

Because you the reader deserve it.

It will take me a bit to get back into the swing of things, so postings for now will be somewhat sparce, but once I get going, we will be posting quality Cubs content (hopefully) daily. After all, shouldn’t I live up to the name, The DAILY Cub.

The Cubs are now 1-0 in Spring Training (although that matters just about as much as what I ate for dinner) so hopefully we will get things back in a positive direction this season.

For now, I’m Joe W.

Analyzing the Possibility of Chone Figgins to the Cubs

Chone FigginsA new year, a new scapegoat. Last year’s playoff failure was blamed on the Cubs being too right-handed. Now, at least based on what Cubs manager Lou Piniella recently had to say, the thinking is that the Cubs are too slow.

Lou’s need for speed aside, it is true that the Cubs are a slow, plodding bunch. They rank last in the NL in stolen bases. And while the stolen base has not been as popular since ‘roided up players starting popping muscles out of their shirt sleeves, it seems to be on a bit of a comeback. Read the rest of this entry »

Cubs in Denial While White Sox Look to the Future

One of the many differences between White Sox General Manager Kenny Williams and Cubs GM Jim Hendry is that Kenny harbors no illusions of the playoffs this season. Could it still happen? Sure, mathematically at least. But is it likely? Hell no.

And it’s even less likely for the Cubs, of course. The division is out of reach and the wild card requires climbing over too many teams. Plus, the Cubs aren’t playing like they want it anyway.

So the White Sox supposedly send a memo to the other clubs that Jermaine Dye, Jim Thome and Scott Linebrink are available. Read the rest of this entry »


Again, I am extremely sorry for the lack of posting these past few weeks. I have had a lot of problems with my internet in my dorm room but those are starting to be fixed now.

However, I will be going through my first full week of school before I start posting regularly again. I am very sorry but I need to make sure that I do everything I can to get the most out of my college experience.